How to Build a Personal Brand on Social Media?

personal branding

“People relate to people, and if your brand feels like people, they’ll relate to you, too.” – Laura Busche.

Personal Branding

A personal brand defines you on an individual level. But personal brand building is not a piece of cake. If you have been looking to fight this uphill battle, social media platforms are the way to begin with. These platforms are regarded as the key branding tools to establish your strong brand presence. 

How to build a personal brand on social media? This is the question that requires a lot of thought, continuous effort, and the execution of the right strategies. You can’t just think of building your brand in one day. That’s what we are here for. Let us fill you with the actionable tips and tricks to master the art of branding yourself on social media.  

Steps Involved in Building Your Personal Brand on Social Media. 

If you want to stand out in today’s digital world, you must build your personal brand on social media. How to build one? Here is the step-by-step guide – 

Create and Update Your Social Media Accounts

The first step in building your personal brand on social media is to create social media accounts. And if you have done that, update them. Decide which platforms are of utmost importance to you and where you will be spending most of your time. 

Delete the obsolete or outdated accounts. Ensure to fill your complete information with accurate details. 

Identify Your Area Of Expertise

What is your specialty? Why should people follow you? Answering such questions will help you define your brand. Whether you want to build a personal brand or a business brand, it is essential to showcase people what you stand for and how you want them to recognize you. Even having immense knowledge of TV shows or movies is considered an area of expertise. 

Pay attention to the type of content you have created that has garnered the most attention in the form of followers responding to your post. The more unique content you create in the area of your expertise, the more you will strengthen the belief of your followers that you are an industry leader. 

Make Easy Postings With Social Media Apps

Building a brand on social media demands time and effort. As easy as it may sound, the reality is just the opposite. To tackle these challenges, many social media applications are developed to make your life easier. For instance – Hootsuite, Canva, and Sprout Social, to name a few. You can schedule content using these applications and don’t need to log in to multiple websites. 

Major social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are compatible with the applications mentioned above, thereby making content postings easy. 

Share Your Thoughts & Content on a Regular Basis

The more you post the content, the more engagement your posts will be able to attain. If this is what you think, it’s time to revisit your thoughts. Over-posting or over-sharing can sometimes result in fatigue. Keep the balance between sharing the content on a regular basis and oversharing. You don’t want your audience to think you are desperate. 

The rule of thumb is to post 3-4 times a week. Besides, focus on maintaining your presence on 2-3 platforms rather than trying to be active on all of them. Maintain open lines of communication with your audience.

Keep Your Social Posts Engaging & Positive

You want to create an unbeatable personal brand on social media. For that, you need to ensure that you create an image reflecting you and your brand values. Don’t try to create a false image of yourself. You know the things to do on social media, but what about things you must avoid doing here to create a positive impression? Treat your interactions, social media profiles, and the content you post as the resume of your work and a reflection of your overall brand personality

Create engaging content. You can talk about your achievements, some pieces about your personal life, etc. After all, social media is all about brand storytelling and individuals first. 

Maximize Your Social Media Presence

Maximize your social media presence by exploring different platforms and formats. Find groups related to your area of expertise, join them, and share your insights to expand your reach and visibility. 

Once you become a member of the preferred group, don’t hesitate to share your insights in the group or indulge in conversations with the group members. Showing that you are active and responsive helps you build a brand in larger communities. 

Keep Your Voice, Tone Image Consistent

You must have defined your brand persona by now. Sticking to that is important. Look at it this way. A political commentator switches parties at regular intervals. Would they be gaining fans or losing fans? Obviously, losing them. And not just one or two, but it could be in large numbers. 

Maintain consistency with your ideas to reflect trustworthiness. It requires some trial and error to choose the voice that works best for your personality. It is not as easy as it seems. You can’t just say, “I want to be adventurous,” and it is done. You need to support your statement and approach through your content. 

Collaborate With Influencers

Individuals having a huge number of followers are called influencers. Collaborating with them opens the door to numerous opportunities for you. The best way is to collaborate with the influencers in your specific niche. When influencers create content about you or your brand, this content is visible to their followers, who might land on your landing page. These followers can even follow you if they like the content you post. 

With the rapid increase in the number of social media users (4.89 billion in 2023, a 6.5% rise from 2022), many people are looking up to influencers to guide them in their decision-making. So, if an influencer mentions you, Voila! You will be treated as an authentic source, which will further help you in winning the trust of your target audience

Learn and Adapt 

Understanding the fundamentals of personal branding is essential to building a brand on social media. You must know the ways to conduct social research and then create the content strategy. Keep track of your performance and monitor your analytics at regular intervals to make changes to your approach accordingly.

You should be willing to experiment with different social media marketing strategies to stay ahead of the curve. Understand the nuances of each social media platform to drive your message. 

Tips on How to Promote Yourself on Social Media

How to promote yourself on social media requires you to find your niche. If you have found your niche, it’s time to take some action. Don’t be overwhelmed by the bunch of advice out there on social media marketing. Here are 6 simple strategies for marketing yourself on social media –

Try To use Live Broadcasting

What are live broadcasting features of social media for? To remind the people that you are a real human. Broadcasting can be a stepping stone to marketing yourself on social media. You can try indulging in regular Q&A sessions with your fans, talking about the promotion of the product, or just deeply connecting with them on a personal level

Using the “Live Video” feature of social media platforms helps your fans feel connected to you, and they get more clarity on why they should follow your advice. 

Take Advantage of Social Media Groups 

Leveraging social media groups is the next step of marketing yourself on social media. You might be of the notion that Facebook groups are dead, but that’s not quite true. There are still innumerable users who use Facebook groups to connect with like-minded people. 

Yet another way is to join some groups on Linkedin, share valuable insights, and offer your support to fellow members to establish yourself as a trusted authority in your field. Remember to avoid spamming and don’t self-promote excessively. Instead, provide genuine value to build meaningful relationships. 

Regularly Share Content 

Consistency in posting content is the key to social media brand building. Create a content calendar, regularly post according to that, engage with your audience, and showcase your expertise. 

Make your content visually attractive using a combination of images, videos, and text to keep the audience hooked. You can share success stories, valuable tips, behind-the-scene glimpses, or industry insights to keep your brand consistently active. 

Host a webinar

Hosting Webinar

Hosting webinars or online workshops is an excellent way to show your expertise and deliver value to your audience. Many people use webinars to promote their products through product launches. But you can also use it to host a pitch-free webinar to let the people gather together and teach a particular topic. 

Also, encourage people to share what they know. What’s more? Follow up with the attendees afterward to express your thanks to them for their participation. 

Create Instagram Stories 

How to promote yourself on social media when there is limited time? That is where Instagram stories come your way. There is a huge number of people now who even prefer checking their stories rather than the main feed. This shows that the popularity of this feature isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. In fact, you can treat it as a fun and interactive way to catch the attention of your audience. 

Experiment with different features like polls, quizzes, and stickers to encourage engagement and connect with your audience on a deeper level.  

Final Thoughts

A strong personal brand is not a choice but a necessity in today’s times if you want to climb the ladder of success in your professional life. The tips and tricks outlined in the above guide will assist you in establishing yourself as a thoughtful leader. Remember to measure your progress and track your results. It’s time to take action. All the best. 

Lastly, Marco Bizzarri couldn’t be more right when he said – 

“An authentic and honest brand narrative is fundamental today; otherwise, you will simply be edited out.”

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