I’ll tell you a bit about myself.

Jack Waterfield Brand consultant

Before starting Scythos, I lived quite an adventure-filled life.

Music was my first passion – I rocked crowds of thousands as a guitarist for Flygone, supporting bands like Don Broco, Cage The Elephant, The Wombats, and more. But eventually, I yearned to create a business and legacy of my own.

After dabbling in the volatile world of crypto (what a ride), I found my true calling: helping brands craft killer online presences. And Scythos was born.

Over the last decade, I’ve worked with massive brands like PepsiCo, Bodybuilding.com, and Holland & Barrett to transform their websites and branding.

But my path to becoming a brand consultant wasn’t always smooth sailing. Mental health struggles taught me the importance of balance and self-care as an entrepreneur.

And through it all, my loving girlfriend and child Abel kept me grounded.

Now at Scythos, I pour my passion into elevating brands with:

  • Websites That Convert and Wow
  • Logos and Branding That Stand Out
  • Photos and Videos That Captivate Audiences
  • Copywriting That Speaks to Customers

I don’t just complete client projects and call it a day. I build relationships for the long term and teach core skills like:

Fostering Innovation and Creativity

I inspire thinking outside the box and constant learning to drive business growth. My music background keeps me exploring new creative frontiers.

Achieving Work-Life Balance

With experience overcoming burnout, I help entrepreneurs prioritize health, happiness, and family alongside professional endeavors.

Building Resilience and Confidence

From imposter syndrome to crypto crashes, I’ve faced many challenges. I guide people to conquer self-doubt, build resilience, and trust themselves.

The Power of Consistency and Iteration

Big goals require daily progress. I teach maintaining focus, saying no, and refining over time to achieve success.

At Scythos, I don’t just complete client projects – I forge lasting partnerships. My promise? To not only deliver exceptional work but impart lifelong skills too.

I can’t wait to chat more about how we can potentially work together as your dedicated brand consultant.

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