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Do you pour time and money into driving traffic to your site, only to see visitors bounce without converting? You’re not alone. Many e-commerce brands struggle to convert site traffic into sales. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

As an experienced freelance CRO consultant, I help e-commerce businesses boost conversions with a customized combination of website audits, user testing, and data-driven design. My mission? To turn your website into a high-converting machine that transforms visitors into delighted customers.

Our Conversion Rate Optimization Consulting Services Include

Here is what you can expect by hiring me as your conversion rate optimization (CRO) specialist:

Comprehensive Website Audit

The first step is a detailed evaluation of your current website to spot roadblocks impacting conversions. I conduct in-depth audits assessing:

  • Site speed and mobile optimization
  • Information architecture and navigation
  • On-page content and copywriting
  • Visual design and brand messaging
  • Calls-to-action and lead flows
  • Form and checkout process

My audits expose weaknesses and identify quick wins to improve user experience. I provide actionable recommendations to address issues through design, content, and development improvements.

When complete, you’ll have a prioritized game plan for boosting conversions through site enhancements.

Advanced User Testing

Next, we dive deeper through user experience (UX) testing. I conduct moderated sessions to see how real users interact with your site. Watching their behaviour provides unique insights into pain points.

Armed with qualitative feedback from test participants, we can iterate site designs and flows. I identify usability issues to eliminate through A/B testing various alternatives.

I also analyse site analytics and heatmaps to quantify problem areas. By marrying qualitative and quantitative data, we obtain a 360-degree view of conversion obstacles.

Killer Web Design that Converts

Leveraging the audit and UX testing results, I redesign key pages and features to drive conversions. This includes:

  • High-converting homepages that engage visitors
  • More persuasive and benefit-focused product pages
  • Streamlined, one-click checkouts to reduce abandonment
  • Better calls-to-action and buttons optimized through testing
  • Superior forms and input validation to capture more leads

I craft experiences focused on your customers’ needs – not just what looks cool. Through conversion-centered design, I compel visitors to take action.

Ongoing Split Testing

To continually improve performance, I implement ongoing A/B and multivariate testing. We experiment with various page elements like:

  • Headlines and value propositions
  • Images, videos, and visuals
  • Testimonials and social proof
  • Pricing and offers
  • Email/gated content opt-in forms

I help you interpret results to determine winning variants based on key conversion and revenue metrics. Over time, these improvements add up to tremendous gains.

After each test, I further optimize pages and flows based on insights into what resonates best with users. It’s an iterative process of constant learning.

Results-Focused Reporting

Throughout the process, I provide data-rich reports highlighting:

  • Performance of site changes implemented
  • Results of conversion testing
  • Trends and takeaways to inform strategy

Executive summaries help you grasp key insights for smarter decision-making. Detailed analytics empower a better understanding of what’s working.

I partner with your team to align site enhancements to overarching business objectives. My goal is to drive conversions that generate ROI, not vanity metrics.

Proven Conversion Rate Optimisation Consultant You Can Trust

As your conversion optimization consultant, I become an integral part of your team. I work as an extension of your marketing and technology staff to elevate digital performance.

With deep expertise in combining analytics, testing, and persuasive design, I have a strong track record of results for clients.

Stop leaving money on the table from site visitors who don’t convert. Let’s work together to turn your website into a customer-converting powerhouse.

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