3 Social Media Marketing Strategies GUARANTEED To Grow Your Business

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Introduction – Jack Waterfield here, founder of Scythos

Social media marketing can feel like a vast, turbulent ocean these days. One day your content is getting great engagement, the next your posts are flopping harder than a fish on a dock. What’s an overwhelmed business owner to do?

I’m here to throw you a high-tech digital life preserver. In this article, we’ll dive deep into three social media marketing strategies guaranteed to help your business stay afloat and grow.

First up, we’ll explore how changes to social media algorithms impact marketing success. Understanding these tempestuous seas is key to navigating them.

Next, we’ll see why niche marketing is the GPS for reaching your ideal customers. Micro-targeting your content keeps you on course.

Finally, we’ll harness the power of video marketing to catch some serious engagement. Video content helps you reel in customers better than any other bait.

Buckle up, sailors – this is going to be one heck of a ride. With the right strategies, we can ride the algorithm waves all the way to social media marketing success. Maybe we’ll even see some marketing mermaids along the way!

Riding the Social Media Algorithm Waves

The social media landscape is about as stable as a soufflé in a rock concert. The tempestuous algorithms deciding what content gets promoted shift like sand. Understanding these changes is key to marketing success.

It’s not you, it’s the algorithm. When your latest cute dog video sinks faster than the Titanic, don’t take it personally. The social platforms have minds of their own.

These algorithm tweaks affect how your audience engages with your content. What floated to the top last month might sink without a trace today.

So how do you ride these algorithm waves rather than drown in them?

Adapt and evolve. Track algorithm changes and fine-tune your strategy accordingly. Data is your lifeline here. Use analytics to see what content resonates.

Diversify platforms. Don’t put all your eggs (or posts) in one basket. Spread content across multiple channels to mitigate algorithm risk.

Optimize for engagement. Likes and comments keep your content afloat. Ask questions, run polls and drive discussion to boost engagement.

The social media landscape is always shifting, but you can still chart a course through the storms. Set your sails, batten down your content and ride those algorithm crests all the way to marketing success!

The Power of Niche Marketing

Mass marketing tries to cast the widest net possible, targeting everyone with a one-size-fits-all message. For most businesses, it’s an ineffective strategy. You waste time and money marketing to people who will likely never convert.

Enter niche marketing.

Niche marketing identifies a specific segment of the larger market with unique wants and needs. You tailor your messaging to directly speak to that niche.

For example, selling regular toothpaste targets the mass market of all 8 billion people with teeth. Selling pickle-flavored toothpaste targets the much smaller niche of pickle enthusiasts.

Niche marketing works because:

You resonate with the exact customers you want to reach

You face less competition in a niche

Customers appreciate tailored products and messaging

Essentially, niche marketing is a focused whisper, while mass marketing is shouting into the void.

In a noisy world, a strategic whisper into the right ear is more effective than yelling through a megaphone. Targeting a hungry niche amplifies your marketing dollars.

So get specific. Find your pickle-flavored toothpaste people. Serve their unique desires, and they’ll reward you with conversions.

Quantity Over Quality

The age-old content marketing advice is to publish high-quality content consistently. At first glance, perfect advice.

But it often backfires.

Many interpret this as “each piece must be incredible quality before publishing.” So they agonize endlessly over content until it’s “perfect.” And because perfection is subjective and elusive, they publish nothing.

Here’s the reality:

In hyper-competitive markets, quantity beats quality.

Different and frequent trumps slow and “perfect.” Your “terrible” might resonate brilliantly with someone else.

What looks like trash content to you could be another’s treasure.

So rather than perfecting the occasional piece, prioritize publishing quantity:

Leverage your phone camera to create daily video

Invest in a dedicated video camera to film spontaneously

Carry a notebook to constantly jot video ideas

The more content you create, the better you get. Publishing volume builds skills, engages your audience, and boosts conversions.

We’d all love to produce cinematic masterpieces. But don’t let the quest for perfection prevent progress.

Done is better than perfect. Release content frequently, learn from it, and improve over time. With consistent quantity, quality naturally follows.

Video: The Undisputed King of Content

Video is the closest we’ve come to replicating face-to-face human interaction through digital media. No wonder it’s exploded in popularity.

78% watch online videos every week. 55% every day. They can’t get enough.

But too many brands still underutilize video, even though the benefits are proven:

95% better message retention versus plain text

49% faster revenue growth for video marketers

72% prefer learning about products by video

The social networks love video too. Their algorithms consistently prioritize video over other content.

So why the hesitation from brands? Often it’s the misperception that video must be complex, expensive Hollywood productions.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth. The smartphone in your pocket is plenty. Quick, authentic videos that provide value perform best anyway.

So grab your phone and press record. No fancy equipment required.

Start a weekly video series answering common customer questions. Give behind-the-scenes tours of your office. Share quick tips related to your niche.

The options are endless. And the more videos you make, the better you get.

Video brings your brand to life unlike any other medium. So embrace your inner Scorsese and start rolling. Your future customers will thank you.

The Winding Road to Social Media Riches

The path to social media marketing success is not for the faint of heart. It requires:

Understanding the constant algorithm changes. The social platforms continually tweak what content gets shown and to whom. Adaptability is key. Don’t take changes personally.

Laser focusing your niche. Mass marketing rarely works. Identify a passionate subgroup within your broader market. Craft messaging specifically for them. Think pickle-flavored toothpaste levels of niche.

Embracing quantity over quality. Perfectionism kills content creation. Publish early and often instead. The more you create, the better you get. Some people will love your “trash.”

Harnessing the power of video. Video brings unparalleled engagement and retention. Smartphones are all you need to start. Authenticity beats polish.

Sure, explaining why you sell pickle-flavored toothpaste to Grandma may be awkward. But the journey towards social media riches, while winding, is ultimately rewarding.

So strap in for the long haul. With the right roadmap, that pot of gold awaits at the end. Just bring breath mints for Grandma.

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