How to Grow an Audience if You Have 0 Followers

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How to Grow an Audience if You Have 0 Followers

Well, this is a bit of a sticky wicket, isn’t it? You want to build an audience, but your follower count is lower than your chances of finding a polite customer service rep. It’s enough to make you chuck your laptop straight out the window. But before you go smashing anything in a blind rage, let’s take a deep breath.

There’s no need to panic. Building an audience from absolute zilch is possible. It may seem as outlandish as stumbling upon a pub that serves a decent pint for under £5, but I promise you the odds are better for audience building than cheap lager nowadays.

So brew a nice cuppa, grab a biscuit, and let’s dive in. This journey to audience-building stardom will be equal parts perseverance and dry sarcasm. Luckily, I happen to have an abundance of both.

It’s a Marathon, Not a 100-Meter Dash

Building an audience from zero is not a quick sprint to stardom. **It’s a marathon**. You’re in this for the long haul—expecting overnight success is like expecting a free round at the pub. *It’s simply not realistic*.

The first year is all about finding your voice. You’ll likely sound more awkward than a ginger at a family reunion to start. But through consistent content creation, you’ll begin to find your style.

Here’s what to expect that first year:

– **Figuring out your communication style** – Conversational? Educational? Humorous? You’ll test different formats to see what sticks.

– **Learning to teach** – What valuable information can you share to attract your ideal audience? Teaching is a skill that develops over time.

– **Developing presentation abilities** – From vocal tonality to video editing, everything is new at first. But with consistency, your skills will evolve.

– **Testing subject matter** – Golf tips? Software tutorials? Knitting techniques? Your niche will crystallize through trial and error.

This may feel more tedious than getting through the queue at the DMV. But eventually you’ll find formats that work and subjects that captivate.

**It’s not an overnight success story. It’s a tale of persistence and commitment** – like a loyal friend who sticks with you through thick and thin. *Consistency pays dividends over time*, even if the initial results are as underwhelming as weak cup of Earl Grey.

The key is crafting engaging content week after week, month after month. Persevering when progress seems slower than grandma driving down the motorway. If you stick it out, your audience will grow. Maybe not as quickly as Boris Johnson’s nose, but consistently nonetheless.

So brew a nice strong cuppa, grab a biscuit, and settle in. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Time to lace up your trainers and starting jogging towards audience-building success.

Keep Calm and Focus on the Activities

It’s tempting to fixate on vanity metrics. *How many new followers did I get today? Did my videos hit 1k views?* The ups and downs can feel more dramatic than an EastEnders episode.

But obsessing over outcomes you can’t control is as useful as asking the tea to brew itself. The only thing that matters is **the work**.

The activities.

The consistent actions that compound over time.

**That’s where the magic lies**. Not in the results, but in the daily commitment to deliver value for your audience.

Here are a few activities worth focusing on:

– Creating compelling content consistently

– Reaching out to relevant communities

– Interacting genuinely with new followers

– Experimenting relentlessly until you crack the code

You may not see a direct cause-and-effect between these actions and blowing up overnight. *But that’s not the point.* **The point is to stick to the plan** with the tenacity of superglue, even if progress seems slower than a snail on sedatives.

Stay patient and persist with the activities above long enough, and results will come. Your followers will slowly but surely accumulate like coins in a piggy bank.

But you have to divorce yourself from the outcome and **commit to the process** above all else. The thrill of “making it” will arrive someday if you grind diligently. But don’t pin your self-worth on each new like or follow.

Instead take pride in the work itself. Let that daily sense of accomplishment be your motivator.

Sure, overnight success sounds nice. But real and lasting success is built over time by those with grit and perseverance.

So stay focused on the activities, remain patient, and know that you’re playing the long game. Slow and steady progress will win this race.

Consistency: Your Reliable Companion

Consistency gets a bad rap for being boring. But really, it’s the dependable buddy who’s always got your back.

While fickle trends and viral hits grab the spotlight, consistency works quietly behind the scenes – compounding results through small, regular actions. *Slow and steady progress* that’s easy to overlook.

But make no mistake: **consistency is the secret sauce for building an audience** from scratch. It’s a must-have ingredient if you want to go the distance.

I’ve got a mate, Alex, who proves consistency pays off over time. He started a YouTube channel sharing short-form videos packed with tangible business advice.

For 6 months straight, *rain or shine*, Alex posted high-quality content daily. He obsessed less about the view count and more about delivering value for his tiny but growing audience.

Eventually one video took off. Then another. Growth accelerated. Before long brands were knocking with sponsorship deals and he hit 6 figures in revenue. An *”overnight success”* story years in the making.

The irony? Every time Alex had a viral hit in the past, he took his foot off the gas. He stopped consistent content creation, got distracted by shiny objects, and growth stalled. Rinse and repeat.

It wasn’t until Alex committed to the process – no matter what – that momentum really kicked in. By focusing on the work rather than the results, he built unstoppable momentum one video at a time.

Success leaves clues. And in Alex’s case, the clue was consistency.

So don’t just admire the influencers at the top – emulate the mindset that got them there. Consistency compounds. Focus on incrementally moving the needles through regular action.

The fruits of your efforts may not be obvious today or tomorrow. But if you persist, results will sneak up on you when you least expect them.

Focus on Doing, Not Outcomes

It’s human nature to obsess over results. Follower counts. Likes. Comments. Vanity metrics seduce us with the lure of instant gratification.

But this fixation on outcomes sets you up for an emotional rollercoaster. Your self-worth hinges on external validation outside your control. *Not exactly a recipe for confidence or consistency.*

The solution? **Shift focus to the activities within your control.**

Posting daily content. Engaging with your audience. Seeking out collaborations. Activities that move the needle bit by bit when done consistently over time.

My mate James learned this lesson the hard way. He started a podcast, hustled to book amazing guests, and published episodes weekly like clockwork.

For the first 6 months…*crickets.* Download numbers stagnated despite tireless promotion. Self-doubt crept in as James questioned if his show had a future.

But he persisted. Kept booking killer guests. Refined his interview style. Upgraded his gear. And slowly but surely the audience arrived.

18 months later and James’ podcast is a mainstay in the top 100 business charts with tens of thousands downloading each episode. *An “overnight success” years in the making.*

We all want the same outcome: an audience that hangs on our every word. But obsessing over downloads, fans and income kills consistency.

The path is focusing on process. On the reps. On getting 1% better daily through small improvements to your content and distribution strategy.

Tune out the noise and stop chasing validation. Serve your audience, nurture your craft, and let results take care of themselves.

The Long Game Pays Off

Success online is a marathon, not a sprint. Building a real brand takes time. Years even.

It’s grinding out content when no one’s listening yet. Finding your voice episode by episode. Learning how to teach and entertain along the way.

**The overnight success stories you see plastered on podcast charts and YouTube Trending tabs didn’t get there overnight.** It took tons of reps to hone their craft and find an audience.

They focused on the process rather than obsessing over downloads and metrics. They persisted through the long thankless nights wondering if this whole “internet fame” thing would ever take off.

But eventually, it did. Because they kept showing up. Kept improving. And kept nurturing that spark of potential during the long slog in the desert.

That spark caught flame one day. Their ship finally came in as the momentum compounding all those little wins over months and years paid dividends overnight.

**So keep your head down and embrace the grind.** Stay consistent with creating value and reaching out to your community.

Tune out the noise and stop chasing validation. **The secret is to persist when no one’s watching yet.** Play the long game, for the decades ahead and not the days.

If you can adopt that mindset, you’ll look up one day to find you’ve built exactly what you set out to create so long ago. An audience that hangs on your every word and wants what you have to offer.

It won’t happen overnight but make no mistake…if you persist, it *will* happen.

Now lace up your shoes and let’s hit the road. We’ve got a long, rewarding marathon ahead.

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