What is the Difference Between a Brand Manager and a Brand Consultant?

a brand manager vs a brand consultant


Both Brand Managers and brand consultants are integral to a brand’s success, yet they serve distinct roles in the branding ecosystem. Understanding these differences is key to effectively leveraging their expertise.

Brand Manager: The In-House Brand Guardian

  1. Internal Role: Brand Managers typically work within an organization as part of the marketing team.
  2. Ongoing Management: Their role involves the day-to-day management and stewardship of the brand.
  3. Implementation of Strategies: They implement and oversee branding strategies, often developed in collaboration with brand consultants or senior management.
  4. Performance Monitoring: Brand Managers track and analyze the performance of brand initiatives and adjust strategies based on market response.
  5. Team Coordination: They coordinate with various internal departments to ensure brand consistency across all company operations.

Brand Consultant: The External Brand Advisor

  1. External Perspective: Brand consultants offer their services to businesses externally, often through a consulting firm or as independent practitioners.
  2. Strategic Development: Their primary focus is on developing brand strategies, including positioning, identity, and messaging.
  3. Problem-Solving: Consultants are often brought in to solve specific brand-related challenges or to provide fresh, unbiased perspectives.
  4. Project-Based Engagement: Their work is typically project-based, with a defined scope and duration.
  5. Wide-Ranging Expertise: Consultants may work with multiple clients across different industries, offering a broad view and diverse experience in branding.

Collaborative Dynamics

While a Brand Manager works on the internal execution and maintenance of the brand, a brand consultant provides strategic guidance and external insights. Their roles can be collaborative, with consultants offering the strategy and Brand Managers executing and managing it within the organization.


Understanding the distinct roles of a Brand Manager and a brand consultant is crucial for businesses looking to enhance their branding. While the Brand Manager focuses on internal brand management and execution, the brand consultant offers strategic, external advice and expertise. Together, they form a comprehensive approach to creating, maintaining, and evolving a successful brand.

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