7 Subject Lines That Increase Email Open Rate

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Do You Want Your Emails Opened? Try These 7 Subject Line Strategies

In the cutthroat arena of inboxes, your email competes for attention against countless others clamoring to be seen. Winning this battle and getting opened requires subject line mastery. The stakes are high, with studies showing that 47% of emails are opened on mobile devices based on the preview alone.

So how do you craft irresistible subject lines that entice subscribers to open? That’s what we’ll explore in this post – from psychological triggers to curiosity creators, you’ll discover seven field-tested subject line strategies designed to boost email open rates.

Grab a cup of coffee and let’s dive in. You’re about to level up your subject line game.

The Purpose of the Subject Line

Before diving into killer subject line strategies, let’s establish why the subject line matters in the first place.

Contrary to popular belief, the purpose of the subject line is not to sell your offer outright. Doing so comes across as salesy and often backfires.

Rather, the sole job of your subject line is to entice the reader to open your email. It’s the “envelope” aiming to pique curiosity about the contents inside.

Once opened, then your email copy and call-to-action can focus on conversions. But first, you need to win the open.

So how do you craft irresistible subject lines? Ones that spark interest, raise important questions, or promise value.

In the following sections, we’ll uncover field-tested subject line formulas designed to compel that critical click. From leveraging psychological triggers to creating useful intrigue, you’ll discover seven strategies to deploy in your own email campaigns.

Let’s open this envelope…

Subject Line Strategy No.1: How to Survive ___

As human beings, we are wired to avoid pain and seek pleasure. This instinct can be leveraged in compelling subject lines that promise to help readers survive or overcome a difficulty they face.

The “How to Survive” formula presents your email as the solution to a problem that resonates with your audience. Whether it’s bankruptcy, divorce, a health crisis, or other hardship, this subject line says you can help them get through it.

For example:

– How to Survive the Financial Crisis

– How to Survive Menopause

– How to Survive Your First Year of Parenting

The key is to identify fears and frustrations your readers have and position your email as the antidote. Help them survive something weighing on their minds.

However, take care not to overstate the problem or veer into scare tactics. The goal is to provide genuine value, not panic. Keep it credible and solution-focused.

When crafted thoughtfully, a “How to Survive” subject line can capture attention and convey you understand their pain points. This helps forge an emotional bond and makes them more likely to open your email.

Some variations on this formula include:

– How to Overcome

– How to Get Through

– How to Deal With

The principle remains the same—offer relief from a specific struggle. Do that genuinely and authentically, and you have a subject line that compels.

Subject Line Strategy No.2: The Biggest Mistake ___ Make

While the “How to Survive” subject line taps into avoiding pain, this strategy focuses more directly on the negative outcomes we want to steer clear of.

By calling out the “biggest mistakes” a particular group makes, curiosity is instantly piqued. Readers naturally want to sidestep costly errors on their journey towards a goal.

For example:

– The Biggest Mistake Retirees Make

– The Biggest Mistake Leaders Make

– The Biggest Mistake Parents Make

It sparks the question—what are those mistakes? Readers will open your email seeking the valuable insight you promise.

However, restraint is key with this approach. Keep your claims credible and mistakes realistic. Exaggerated or unbelievable “biggest mistakes” will undermine trust. Savvy readers can smell hyperbole from a mile away.

The power is in the specificity and real-world applicability. When framed appropriately, this subject line says “I understand the costly missteps you want to avoid, let me shed light.” That genuine help is irresistible.

In the body of your email, move quickly from highlighting the mistake to offering practical solutions. Readers opened your email for actionable advice, so deliver on what you promised.

Used judiciously, calling out the biggest mistakes a particular demographic makes can capture attention and convey deep empathy. Just ensure your insight provides true value.

Subject Line Strategy No.3: The Real Secret to ___

The word “secret” holds powerful sway. We’re curious creatures at heart, always wondering what insider information might give us an edge. This subject line promises privileged intel.

By touting the “real secret” to achieving something specific, attention is captured. Readers open the email seeking that undisclosed knowledge you tease.

However, it’s an overused trope. The secrets market is saturated with questionable claims. To cut through skepticism, ensure your secret provides true value, not just hype.

Some examples:

– The Real Secret to Doubling Sales

– The Real Secret to Effortless Networking

– The Real Secret to Reviving Romance

The key is making sure your secret is more than a tired cliché. Offer something novel and applicable. Readers have little patience for regurgitated tricks and tips.

You must deliver on the intrigue this subject line incites. Use the opening to build anticipation around your unique vantage point.

Then, when you reveal the secret, do so with story and specificity. Back it up with real-world examples demonstrating how it drives results.

In essence, this tactic exploits our thirst for insider access. When combined with an authentic, value-driven secret, it prompts opening. Just ensure you have something truly novel up your sleeve, not simply marketing bluster.

The Fastest Way to Capture Attention

We live in an instant gratification society. Speed and ease drive decisions. When given the choice between fast or slow, the answer is obvious.

This penchant for swift solutions presents opportunity. A subject line promising the fastest route to results piques interest. It offers readers a rapid fix to their problem.

For example:

– The Fastest Way to Learn Piano

– The Fastest Way to Speak Spanish

– The Fastest Way to Lose 10 Pounds

The key is crafting a claim that seems achievable and realistic. Outrageous, exaggerated promises erode credibility. Readers will doubt assertions too good to be true.

You must walk a fine line between intrigue and integrity. Underpromise, so your actual solution overdelivers. If your weight loss system sheds 20 pounds, say 5.

This tempered pledge plants a seed. Readers think, “I could probably lose even more than that!” Their buy-in grows since it’s their idea.

In closing, a subject line touting speedy solutions capitalizes on impatience. But restraint is required to maintain believability. With a prudent promise that avoids hype, opening rates will accelerate.

The Allure of Ease: Promising an Instant Shortcut

We live in a fast-paced world where convenience is king. Simplicity and speed hold tremendous appeal. Subject lines capitalizing on this craving for ease can prove persuasive.


– Here’s a Shortcut to Learn Guitar

– Here’s a Shortcut to Get in Shape

– Here’s a Shortcut to Declutter Your Home

The promise of an instant solution is compelling. Readers envision the swift fix to their problem or goal. Curiosity stirs about what unexpected trick or technique you might reveal.

For maximum response, pair this subject line with an offer delivering immediate gratification. A downloadable guide, online course, or software providing swift value aligns with the spirit of shortcut simplicity.

Restraint prevents unrealistic expectations. Don’t promise outrageous ease like “Here’s a Shortcut to Get Rich Quick.” Keep claims grounded and readers will bite. They know genuine shortcuts require some effort.

In summary, the right shortcut subject line eases open rates upward. Savvy marketers balance intrigue with integrity, hinting at effortless solutions while managing expectations. The offer must then satisfy the need for speed.

Forging Connections Through Shared Stories

Stories bind us. When we hear someone’s tale of overcoming adversity, it stirs an emotional bond. This is the power of the “How I ___” subject line.

By previewing a personal story, curiosity awakens. Readers envision connecting with the author through a shared experience. It promises to fulfill our human longing to be understood.

The key is authentic vulnerability. Consider:

– How I Launched a Business After Going Bankrupt

– How I Found Love After Divorce

– How I Battled Anxiety to Run a Marathon

These subject lines hint at genuine struggles and triumphs. Readers envision tapping into hard-won wisdom.

When crafting the story within, resist embellishment. Raw truth forges the strongest connections. Share embarrassing mistakes, lucky breaks that seemed like curses at the time, inner battles between confidence and doubt.

Let readers glimpse your humanness. Show the winding road of setbacks and growth to inspire those on their own journey. Through stories, strangers become kindred spirits.

In closing, a well-told tale taps into the universal longing to be understood. By bravely sharing your own crooked path to success, you light the way for others.

Piquing Curiosity with “About Your ___”

Curiosity is a marketer’s most potent weapon. When crafted well, an intriguing subject line irresistibly compels opening an email.

The “About Your ___” tactic expertly captures attention by suggesting insider knowledge. Readers naturally wonder:

“What do they know about my business (or website, or spouse) that I don’t?”

A bit of mystery spices the appeal. Is there an issue with something they hold dear? The possibilities tease the imagination.

Consider sample subject lines:

– About Your Retirement Fund

– About Your Social Media Strategy

– About Your Marriage

Each hints at valuable insights, perhaps even secrets. Readers feel compelled to learn more.

Even more compelling is adding interactivity:

– I Have a Question About Your Business Model

– I Have Some Concerns About Your Investment Portfolio

This further suggests a personalized consultation lies in wait. Such exclusivity heightens the urgency to open the email.

In closing, by intimating privileged information, “About Your ___” subject lines spark intense curiosity. Readers eagerly bite the hook, hungry to uncover what you know. It’s human nature to crave feeling “in the know,” and this tactic deliciously delivers.

Capturing Attention with Compelling Subject Lines

Crafting irresistible subject lines is integral to email marketing success. As the “envelope” previewing your content, subject lines must entice opening.

We explored seven strategies for creating high-converting subject lines:

– “How to Survive ___” preys on readers’ instinctual desire to avoid pain by positioning your email as the solution.

– “The Biggest Mistake ___ Make” piques curiosity about costly errors to sidestep.

– “The Real Secret to ___” tantalizes with the promise of privileged information.

– “The Fastest Way to ___” appeals to impatience for quick results. But claims must seem credible.

– “Here’s a Shortcut for ___” offers readers the alluring prospect of an easier solution.

– “How I ___” engages through vulnerable storytelling about personal experiences.

– “About Your ___” creates intrigue by suggesting insider knowledge about the reader.

While individual approaches differ, certain keys underpin them all: Provide genuine value, connect authentically, and deliver on what you promise.

Wielding these strategies, you now have an arsenal for crafting irresistible subject lines. Go forth and compel those opens! Consistent quality content earns reader trust over time. With compelling subject lines capturing attention, your emails will get the engagement they deserve.

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