What Is Brand Voice? How To Create A Unique Tone

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Greetings, fellow brand builders! Do you ever feel like your brand blends into the background, failing to make a distinct impression amidst the noisy marketing world? I hear you. Crafting a unique brand identity is no small feat in this competitive environment.

But here’s the good news—there’s one powerful yet often overlooked element that can transform your brand from forgettable to memorable: your tone of voice.

You’re likely familiar with the visual components of branding, but a brand voice is just as critical. This refers to the style and personality your brand conveys through written and verbal communication. It’s what gives your brand its distinctive flair.

In this article, we’ll explore exactly what tone of voice is, why it’s so vital for branding, and, most importantly, how to develop an authentic brand tone that resonates with your audience. Let’s get started!

What is Brand Voice?

A brand voice isn’t some mystical, intangible force—it’s simply the way your brand communicates with your audience. Consider it the spokesperson for your brand, without the flashy suit and overly-coiffed hair.

Your brand voice is shaped primarily by two key factors:

  • Your communication style – This includes the language you use, your tone (humorous, sincere, authoritative, etc.), and the stories you tell. Your communication style brings out the personality of your brand.
  • Your target audience – An effective brand voice is crafted based on who you want to reach. It’s designed to make your brand feel familiar, approachable, and relevant to your audience.

It is also known as your tonal voice. It’s what gives your brand that extra flair to stand out from the sea of competing messages vying for attention.

When crafted thoughtfully, your brand’s tone of voice forges an emotional connection with your audience. It transcends the actual products/services you offer to form a relationship rooted in shared values and rapport.

So, in summary:

The right branding tone of voice breathes life into your brand, transforming it from an abstract business entity into an approachable, trusted partner for your customers. And isn’t that powerful?

Why Does a Brand Voice Matter?

brand voice importance

Business today is fiercely competitive. Consumers are bombarded with a dizzying array of choices for nearly every product and service imaginable.

In this commercial cacophony, only the most unique, consistent, and relevant brands manage to stand out. It’s survival of the fittest in the branding world.

Now, you may be thinking visual identity is the key to brand memorability. And that’s certainly important. But it’s only half the story.

A brand’s voice—its unique personality and style of expression—is equally vital. It’s the special sauce that makes your message unforgettable.

Tips for Developing a Brand Voice.

Tips for Brand Voice

Consider your brand voice as a distinctive flavor profile. It’s that tantalizing topping and special seasoning that lingers on the palate.

In the sea of same-y corporate messaging, your brand voice and tone provide a nuanced, human touch. This helps form an emotional bond with your audience.

Ultimately, this emotional connection—not facts or features—is what drives buying decisions.

Tap Into the Reptilian Brain

Here’s where things get fascinating. Our ancient reptilian cortex guides much of our subconscious decision-making.

This primitive region of our brain controls innate behaviors tied to survival and safety. It seeks out the familiar.

An authentic, recognizable brand voice speaks directly to this part of the brain. It signals trust and belonging.

In contrast, generic branding fails to make that visceral connection. It gets tuned out as background noise.

A Voice That’s Heard…and Remembered

In today’s fractured media world, cutting through the noise is the #1 challenge brands face.

A distinct, consistent brand voice allows you to stand apart. It’s your brand’s sonic logo engraved in memory.

In the high-stakes fight for hearts, minds, and dollars—being remembered is being chosen. Don’t leave it up to chance.

Craft a unique branding tone of voice and personality for your brand. Make your voice impossible to ignore.

Crafting an Authentic Brand Voice

A brand’s tone of voice is more than just stringing words together. It’s about understanding your audience at a core level and reflecting their truth back to them.

Let’s dig deeper into the elements that shape an authentic brand voice that feels familiar.

Get to Know Your Audience 

Defining your target demographic is table stakes. But to craft a voice that truly resonates, you need rich psychographic insights.

Uncover the passions, values, worries, and aspirations that drive their choices. Map the emotional contours of their inner world.

Build empathy through first-hand ethnographic research. Observe how they interact and communicate. Capture the nuances.

This deep dive lays the foundation to craft messaging that feels intimately aligned with their perspective.

Reflect Their Personality

Your brand voice should hold up a mirror to the lived experience of your audience. Echo back the personality traits they relate to.

What communication style puts them at ease? Witty and informal? Polished and professional? Simple and straightforward?

How do they describe themselves? What adjectives would they use? Outgoing? Discerning? Stylish? Down-to-earth?

Become a method voice actor for your persona. Inhabit their way of speaking as an integral part of product development.

Deliver Value On Their Terms

Ultimately, a brand exists to solve problems for people. To do that effectively, you need to meet them where they are.

Clearly identify the outcomes your audience wants. The benefits they seek from your product or service.

Then craft messaging that ties directly into those desires and frustrations. Show how you ease their pain points.

A brand voice and tone in sync with audience needs feels like a helping hand versus a sales pitch. It builds trust through relevance.

In closing, an authentic tone isn’t manufactured. It emerges from understanding. Reflect on your true audience in your voice. Get that right, and the rest will follow.

A Well-Crafted Brand Voice Sticks

A brand’s tone of voice may seem insignificant, but it wields surprising influence. The right vocal resonance can make your messaging stick in your audience’s minds.

How does this work exactly?

  • It taps into the power of familiarity. We’re hardwired to be drawn to the known versus the unknown. An aligned brand voice feels reassuring, approachable, and safe.
  • It shapes subconscious evaluations. Much of our decision-making happens outside conscious awareness. An authentic tone that “gets” our audience makes its way more easily into that influential arena.
  • It leverages ancient instincts. Our primal brains still hold tremendous sway. A brand voice attuned to the audience’s emotions, fears, and desires can spark those deep-seated drivers of choice.

In many ways, the approach mirrors method acting techniques. Become your audience. Inhabit their perspective. Then, craft messaging that embodies their truth.

The irony? While an effective brand voice blends in by reflecting the target audience, it also stands out by virtue of that relevancy.

So don’t overlook this subtle yet impactful asset. The right vocal resonance could make your brand impossible to ignore.

The Subtle Power of an Aligned Brand Voice

A brand’s vocal resonance lives in the shadows, easily dismissed. Yet this overlooked asset wields surprising influence.

  • It taps into the magnetic draw of the familiar. Our ancient brains constantly scan for what we know. A tone attuned to the audience feels reassuring and safe.
  • It permeates the subconscious barriers. Much of our decision-making unfolds outside awareness. An authentic voice that “gets” the target market slides right in.
  • It speaks the language of instinct. Emotion, fear, and desire still rule. A brand voice that channels the primal drivers sparks an instant connection.

Brand Voice Examples

A brand’s voice is its unique linguistic fingerprint, shaping how it communicates and connects with its audience. Here, we delve into diverse examples of brand voice that showcase the power of language in amplifying identity and fostering meaningful connections.

Innocent Drinks:

Playfully Authentic Innocent Drinks, known for its smoothies and juices, employs a playful and lighthearted brand voice that resonates with consumers. Their quirky tone, filled with puns and humor, reflects their commitment to transparency and authenticity. From witty packaging to engaging social media posts, Innocent Drinks consistently delivers a voice that feels approachable and relatable, inviting consumers to be a part of their vibrant brand world.


Conversational and Empathetic Mailchimp, an email marketing platform, adopts a conversational and empathetic brand voice that prioritizes building relationships with its users. Through friendly and helpful messaging, Mailchimp guides users through their platform with ease, making complex tasks feel simple and accessible. By humanizing its brand through empathetic communication, Mailchimp fosters trust and loyalty among its diverse user base.


Nike Shoes

Empowering and Inspirational Nike, a global leader in athletic apparel and footwear cultivates a brand voice that is empowering and inspirational. Through bold and assertive messaging, Nike motivates its audience to push their limits and strive for greatness. Whether through iconic slogans like “Just Do It” or powerful storytelling in ad campaigns, Nike’s brand voice instills a sense of confidence and determination, inspiring athletes of all levels to pursue their passions relentlessly.

These examples demonstrate the importance of crafting a distinct and authentic linguistic identity that resonates with your audience. By infusing personality and purpose into your brand’s communication, you can forge deeper connections, foster brand loyalty, and differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the journey of crafting a unique brand voice is both an art and a science, weaving together the intricacies of language with a deep understanding of your audience. By honing in on the nuances of tone, style, and messaging, you have the power to transform your brand from just another voice in the crowd to a resonant and memorable presence in the minds of your audience. So, embrace the process, experiment with authenticity, and let your brand’s voice be the guiding light that leads your audience on a journey of connection and engagement.

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