No Business Model Is Too Saturated – How To Stand Out in 2024

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No Business Model Is Too Saturated – How To Stand Out in 2024

Greetings, fellow entrepreneurs and business builders! If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of competitors in your industry, wondering if there’s any room left for little old you, then this article is for you.

I’m Jack Waterfield, founder of Scythos, and I’m here to let you in on a little secret: no business model is ever truly saturated. It may seem like the streets are packed with people selling the same thing you want to sell, but there’s always a way to slice your offering to stand out from the crowd.

In the following article, we’ll sip some metaphorical tea together as we explore ways you can make your business pop in even the most crowded markets. I’ll share my top tips for positioning your company, shielding yourself from perceived saturation, and employing long-term strategies that will keep you thriving regardless of external conditions.

So brew a nice hot cuppa, settle in, and let’s dive into the madness of modern business to uncover why saturation is mostly mythical. The only thing saturated is your own belief that there’s no room for you – but we’re about to change that perspective for good!

Nothing Gets Saturated (Except Maybe Your Coffee)

Let’s address the elephant sipping a latte in the room—the misconception that business models can become saturated. This myth needs to be steamrolled faster than the espresso machine at Starbucks.

The truth is that no service, in and of itself, can ever reach a saturation point. What gives entrepreneurs hives is seeing countless competitors utilize the same **marketing channels**, **offer structures**, and **pitch scripts**. But it’s those elements that get played out, not the service.

Take Facebook ads or short-form video content as examples. It may seem like those ships have sailed to Saturated Island and back. But in reality, the market has just become more sophisticated in how it responds to **claims** made through those platforms.

Your Facebook ad itself doesn’t fizzle because of saturation. Prospects simply develop immunity to certain angles and promises over time. The mechanism itself still works fine, you just have to use it more judiciously.

This is why you can’t rely on a channel or tactic alone to do your selling for you. You have to package up your offer into a compelling **sales proposition** that speaks directly to your customers’ current state and desired end state.

Rather than: “I’ll edit your short-form videos,” try: “My organic content marketing system will get you 3-10 new clients per month.” Can you spot what’s missing in the first one? Exactly – no mention of the transformation being sold.

So don’t blame saturation when prospects yawn at your pitch. Chances are you simply haven’t positioned yourself adequately as the bridge between where they are now and where they want to be.

Now excuse me while I top up my mug—and no, I’m not referring to saturation. This is a proper cup of English breakfast tea we’re talking about!

Bridging the Gap Between Current and Desired States

Now that we’ve shattered the saturation illusion, let’s discuss the art of positioning your business.

The key is to view your offer not as a service, but as the bridge between customers’ **current state** and **desired end state**. You need to sell that transformation.

For example, compare:

*”I’ll edit your short-form videos.”*


*”My organic content marketing system will get you 3-10 new clients per month.”*

The first angle simply describes an activity with no context. Meanwhile, the second clearly defines the gap being bridged – taking the prospect from stagnant lead flow to consistent new business.

When crafting a solid **sales proposition**, avoid focusing on the details of what you will do. Instead, paint a crystal clear picture of how you will move customers from Point A to Point B.

You are not selling Facebook ads, Google Ads, or any other mechanism. You are selling the outcome of more leads and sales. That is the finish line prospects want to cross.

Position yourself as the guide who can reliably take them there based on proven experience. And you automatically stand out from the endless sea of vendors touting features over transformations.

So scrap any notion that saturation affects entire business models. The issue is never the vehicle itself, but rather how you choose to drive it and where you promise to take your passengers.

Shielding Your Business from Saturation

Now that we understand positioning around transformations, let’s explore how to safeguard your business from perceived saturation. This involves four key strategies:

1. Clearly Define the End State

As discussed, promising specific outcomes is critical. Don’t leave things vague or risk blending into the background noise.

Be explicit in conveying the destination you will deliver clients to. Get ultra-precise with the end state they can expect by partnering with you.

For example, quantify goals around lead generation, revenue growth, cost savings etc. This could sound like:

*”My 2-month growth accelerator program will double your agency’s monthly recurring revenue from $10K to $20K+. I guarantee it or your money back.”*

Such clearly defined end states make you the gateway to that desirable future.

2. Provide Solid Proof

With a bold promise made, you now need irrefutable proof you can make good on it. The more concrete statistics, case studies, testimonials, and examples you can provide, the better.

Share specific client examples of you taking Company X from $X revenue to $X revenue in X months. The more of this evidence you have, the more believable you become.

3. Display True Competency

In addition to proof, demonstrate you truly know this business inside and out. Provide immense value by educating your audience on key concepts, strategies, and techniques.

Publish detailed tutorials, case studies, frameworks, etc. Show you have mastery over the core competencies needed to bridge clients’ current state to the end state you promote.

4. Stay Consistent Over Time

Saturation comes from every vendor having the same shallow message. You combat this through consistency of value, proof, and competency messaging over an extended period.

Don’t just do a couple of social media posts or a few emails. Maintain an ongoing drumbeat of helpful education and evidence that you uniquely walk the walk.

Think long-term brand building versus short-term campaigns. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are trusted personal brands.

Stay the course with persistence and conviction.

Long-term Business Strategies

We’ve covered how to position and safeguard your business model. Now let’s discuss long-term strategies to build something sustainable.

The key here is sticking to one core offer over many years, rather than hopping around every time some new trend emerges.

Too often, entrepreneurs:

* Find early success with a service

* Hit an income plateau after a few months

* Get distracted by the next shiny object

* Abandon ship to chase the new idea

This business model ADD prevents you from reaching your full potential. Some key problems it causes:

1. Prevents True Compounding

By constantly switching gears, you never give any one approach enough time to build momentum. It’s like restarting the compound interest clock every 3 months.

You destroy any foundation you had and go back to square one endlessly.

2. Diminishes Trust & Authority

When you flip-flop services constantly, you appear indecisive and undedicated. This erodes customer confidence and trust in your capabilities.

You come across as willing to chase whatever is newest versus become uniquely skilled at one thing.

3. Caps Income Potential

When all you do is take various services to $5K MRR, you never expand your income potential beyond that. If you want to reach $50K+ MRR, it requires singularly dedicating yourself to one offer long term.

The income ceilings you hit represent your current competency and trust levels. By focusing on one service area over 5+ years, you can continually elevate client outcomes, pricing, and sales volumes over time.

Integrating Trends vs. Chasing Them

Rather than hop between models, integrate emerging trends and innovations into your existing business. Find ways to upgrade your core offer with new techniques and technologies vs. abandoning what works.

For example, if you have an SEO agency and notice TikTok exploding, don’t dump SEO for TikTok marketing. Instead, become an SEO agency that specializes in leveraging organic TikTok traction to amplify site visibility.

Resist the urge to chase every hot trend like a headless chicken. Build long-term assets around your proven business model instead. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but by continuously improving on what worked. Do the same with your company.


So there you have it, folks. The idea of business saturation is as mythical as the Loch Ness Monster.

With the right positioning and long-term strategies, your business can stand out, even in the most crowded markets.

The key lessons here:

* **Saturation is an illusion.** Services can’t truly saturate, only specific marketing approaches and mechanisms.

* **Position yourself as the gap** between a problematic current state and desirable end state. Explain precisely how you bridge that gap better than alternatives.

* **Shield through claims + proof + competency + consistency.** Make bold claims of the end results you produce, back them up with social proof, display real expertise through content, and sustain that message over many months.

* **Stick to one core model long term.** Don’t hop between ideas constantly. Pick one and stick with it for 5+ years, integrating new innovations when they arise.

If you apply these principles, you can build an incredibly differentiated and stable business, even in the most “saturated” markets.

So throw out those fears of saturation and get ready to make your mark in 2024. The playing field is wide open if you have the proper mindset and positioning.

Now get out there and own your niche! No more excuses or saturation bogeymen holding you back from the income you deserve.

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