How to Get More Clients for Your Agency – 6 Key Strategies

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Introduction: Welcome to a Guide that can Potentially Turn Your Agency into a Client Magnet

Sick of staring at your empty pipeline, hoping clients will magically appear? You’re not alone. Many agencies struggle to consistently attract new business, relying on sporadic referrals rather than an intentional system. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

In this post, we’ll explore six battle-tested strategies designed to help you attract agency clients. You’ll discover how to create compelling offers, how to get more clients, hunt down your ideal customers, and leverage partnerships to fill your pipeline.

We’ll also uncover how to inspire referrals and even automate lead generation. So get ready for some straight-talking, occasionally sarcastic, always-helpful wisdom from your new favorite UK-based agency guru.

Why are Agencies Not Able to Get New Clients?

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In the competitive realm of agency life, securing agency clients can feel like chasing a mirage in the desert—always within reach, yet somehow elusive. The truth is that while agencies possess boundless creativity and expertise, several hurdles often hinder their path to client acquisition.

One common stumbling block is a failure to differentiate. In a sea of agencies vying for attention, standing out requires more than just a flashy portfolio or a catchy slogan or tagline.

Agencies must articulate their unique value proposition clearly and concisely, showcasing not just what they do, but why they do it better than anyone else.

Without a compelling narrative that sets them apart from the competition, agencies risk fading into obscurity amidst the noise of the market.

Additionally, the process of gaining clients often suffers from a lack of strategic focus. Agencies may cast too wide a net, targeting any and every potential client without a clear understanding of their ideal client profile. 

By failing to hone in on their target audience and tailor their outreach efforts accordingly, agencies waste precious time and resources chasing leads that are unlikely to convert.

To overcome this hurdle, agencies must adopt a more strategic approach, identifying their ideal clients and crafting tailored messaging that speaks directly to their needs and pain points. 

With a laser-focused branding strategy in place, agencies can navigate the client acquisition journey with precision and purpose, maximizing their chances of success in a crowded marketplace.

6 Key Strategies to Get More Clients.

Key Strategy

Attracting new clients is the lifeblood of growth and sustainability. To stay ahead of the curve, businesses must employ strategic approaches that not only capture attention but also foster lasting relationships

Here are six key strategies that will answer how to get more clients and propel your business forward.

Low Hanging Offers: Dangle Discounts to Hook New Clients

The “low hanging fruit” strategy leverages compelling limited-time or limited-quantity offers to attract ideal prospects. Think of a heavily marked-down brand audit or positioning workshop—available for one week only or to the first ten respondents.

While the concept is simple, proper execution is key. We’ll explore crafting genuinely valuable, outcomes-focused deals your audience can’t refuse.

Craft Compelling Offers

Lead with the outcome: Help prospects envision achieving their goals through your services. For example, promise a brand audit will uncover growth opportunities through strategic recommendations.

Solve pain points: Highlight how you’ll help avoid common challenges—a messy rebrand strategy or lack of differentiation.

Limit scarcity: Restrict offers by date or quantity to create urgency. But keep it reasonable; you can always extend if needed.

Target the Right Audience

  • Identify ~100 well-connected prospects in your network. Especially seek referrers as people positioned to share offers with their contacts.
  • Research individuals and companies beforehand to personalize outreach. Show you understand their needs through tailored messaging.

Stress Authenticity

  • Heavily discount services, but avoid giving away the farm. Find a balance that delivers value yet sustains your business.
  • Set firm limitations based on bandwidth but remain flexible as needed. Extend deadlines or availabilities rather than overpromising.
  • Most importantly, overdeliver on service quality despite discounts. Wowing new clients leads to referrals and repeat business

The “low hanging fruit” approach takes some effort upfront, but when executed correctly, it can help in gaining clients. And the momentum typically continues as satisfied customers refer others in their network.

Proactively Hunt New Clients by Offering Value

Passively posting on social media or waiting for referrals rarely brings in new business. Actively identifying and engaging potential clients is essential. Let’s explore proven tactics for proactive client acquisition and finding new clients.

Identify Your Targets

  • Research ideal client demographics including job titles, seniority levels, company sizes and industries.
  • Search LinkedIn for profiles matching your criteria. Compile exhaustive lists as your initial prospect pool.more cl
  • Follow targets on social channels; study their content and current agency partners to understand their needs.

Find Where They Gather

  • Attend industry events, conferences and meetups where you’ll encounter decision-makers.
  • Identify and join relevant LinkedIn Groups and Facebook Communities frequented by prospects.
  • Comment on your targets’ website blogs, podcasts, and social posts to start conversations.

Craft Personalized Outreach

  • Spot project opportunities, challenges, or announcements targets have been posted recently. Use these insights to break the ice.
  • Show you understand their business through tailored messaging addressing their unique situation.
  • Offer helpful advice or non-promotional resources demonstrating your expertise.

Proactively hunting warmer prospects using these methods can significantly expand your pipeline beyond cold calling or waiting on referrals. Just remember to lead with value instead of pitches.

Cultivate Relationships Before Making Offers

  • Cold-calling potential clients rarely succeed today. Savvy agencies first engage personally on social media marketing tips, demonstrating expertise and building trust. This active engagement lays the groundwork for future sales conversations.
  • You can also partner with complementary businesses already serving your ideal buyer. Adding your services enhances their offerings while expanding your reach.

Engage On Social Media

  • Identify key targets on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Follow, like, and share their content to start positioning yourself as an industry thought leader.
  • Comment on posts with thoughtful remarks, resources, and advice without heavy pitching.
  • Use social listening tools to be notified whenever targets mention relevant keywords. Join these conversations with value-adds.

Research Current Partners

Study who your prospects currently work with for services adjacent to yours.

  • Reach out to introduce yourself and explore co-marketing options that provide mutual benefits.
  • Brainstorm ideas for integrating your offerings to create more powerful combined solutions.
  • Educate customers on how you could help cover gaps in their capabilities to boost client satisfaction.

The goal of active engagement is building familiarity and trust prior to asking for business. This approach yields higher sales, meeting acceptance rates and conversion numbers.

Foster Referrals Through Exceptional Service

  • Referrals can drive substantial new business if you delight existing customers. Ensure every project concludes with smiling agency clients eager to recommend you.
  • It pays to overdeliver on communication, guidance, and support throughout each engagement.

Keep Clients In The Loop

  • Set clear expectations upfront around timelines, goals, and responsibilities.
  • Provide frequent progress reports even if there are no updates. Silence breeds anxiety.
  • Celebrate small wins together to maintain momentum and confidence.

Deliver Above And Beyond

  • Look for opportunities to surprise and delight like adding value-adds at no extra cost.
  • Get testimonials and case studies during the project when enthusiasm runs high.
  • Send handwritten thank you notes after project completion, along with small gifts.
  • Creating exceptional customer experiences, not just satisfactory services inspires referrals.

Automate Lead Nurturing

  • Once you have a solid client referral system, supplement it by:
  • Publishing educational content and tools as opt-in lead magnets.
  • Placing opt-ins on automated email nurture tracks that build trust.
  • Sequencing a multi-touch sales cadence for the right timing.

Now you’ve got an engine humming along, pulling in and qualifying fresh leads automatically while you focus on delighting customers.

Research Current Partners

Study who your prospects currently work with for services adjacent to yours.

  • Reach out to introduce yourself and explore co-marketing options that provide mutual benefits.
  • Brainstorm ideas for integrating your offerings to create more powerful combined solutions.
  • Educate them on how you could help cover gaps in their capabilities to boost client satisfaction.
  • The goal of active engagement is building familiarity and trust prior to asking for business. This approach yields higher sales meeting acceptance rates and conversion numbers.

Choose The Strategy That Best Suits You

  • Implementing any marketing agency strategy for finding new clients requires a commitment to results. Select one approach that aligns with your strengths and business model.
  • An ideal marketing agency strategy matches your personality, skills, and resources so you can fully invest in its success. Don’t force a square peg into a round hole.

Play To Your Strengths

Carefully evaluate each tactic against:

  • Your ideal customer profile – Will it reach them?
  • Your products and services – Will it highlight your value?
  • Your marketing skills and bandwidth – Can you execute well?

Commit And Consistently Improve

Once you select an approach:

  • Fully commit to making it work before changing course.
  • Continuously optimize it through testing and analysis.
  • Automate components to drive efficiency.

Jumping between strategies dilutes results. Consistent refinement of one fuels growth.

Uncover Additional Revenue Streams

Maximize lifetime value from every client by:

  • Upselling current project scope when opportunities arise.
  • Cross-selling other products/services post-project.
  • Developing ongoing retainer relationships versus one-off gigs.
  • Asking happy clients for referrals to their network.
  • Regularly evaluate and expand offerings to increase share of wallet.

The right strategy, done well for an extended period, transforms any agency into a client magnet. Choose what plays to your strengths, commit fully, and uncover all revenue opportunities.

Commit, Refine, And Uncover More Value

  • Implementing a client attraction strategy is a long game requiring full commitment. Avoid the temptation to jump between tactics before seeing results.
  • Select an approach matching your strengths and ideal customer. Fully invest time and resources until momentum builds. Refine based on data, not emotion.
  • Automate components for efficiency, then replicate what works. Turn on your lead gen machine and watch qualified prospects roll in.

Yet a strategy is only half the game. Uncover additional revenue opportunities once agency clients are on board.

Expand project scope where possible, cross-sell other services post-project, and develop retainer relationships that span years versus weeks.

Finally, happy agency clients who are willing to refer you to their network are marketing gold.

Overdeliver on their experience, then make it easy for them to share your name.

Choose your marketing agency strategy wisely based on your business strengths then commit to consistently improving it over the long haul.

Do this while uncovering revenue from every angle, and client referral opportunities will compound results.

Final Thoughts


Transforming your agency into a client magnet requires dedication, strategic focus, and a commitment to excellence.

By implementing the seven key strategies outlined in this guide, you can shift from passively waiting for clients to actively attracting them with compelling offers, proactive outreach, and exceptional service.

Whether you choose to dangle enticing discounts, proactively hunt for new clients, or foster referrals through exceptional experiences, consistency and refinement are key.

Remember to play to your strengths, commit fully to your chosen approach, and continually uncover new opportunities for revenue and growth.

With the right strategy and a relentless pursuit of excellence, your agency can become a powerhouse in client acquisition and retention.

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