Can you Be a Brand Consultant As a Side Hustle?

Brand Consultant As a Side Hustle

Brand consulting can indeed be pursued as a side hustle, especially when focusing on smaller brands and companies. For those with a passion for branding and a primary career in a related field, offering consultancy services on the side presents an opportunity to apply and grow their skills without a full-time commitment.

Suitability for Small Brands and Projects

  • Working with Small Businesses: Smaller brands often require less extensive consultancy services, making them ideal for side hustle engagements. These projects can include developing brand strategies, creating identities, or advising on marketing tactics.
  • Flexible Time Commitment: Consulting for small companies usually allows for more flexible timelines, fitting into the irregular schedules that come with balancing a side hustle.

Challenges with Larger Brands

  • Demanding Nature of Big Brands: In contrast, larger brands typically demand more time and attention due to the complexity and scope of their branding needs. Such engagements often require deep market analysis, comprehensive strategy development, and continuous monitoring and adjustment, aligning more with full-time roles.
  • Resource Intensiveness: Working with big brands can be resource-intensive, necessitating a dedicated team and a range of expertise that might be challenging to manage as a part-time endeavor.

Balancing Responsibilities

  • Time Management and Efficiency: Effective time management is crucial for balancing brand consulting with another job. Setting realistic deadlines and clear communication with clients about availability is essential.
  • Quality of Service: Ensuring the quality of consultancy work is maintained is important, as it directly impacts the consultant’s reputation and future opportunities.


Brand consulting as a side hustle is feasible and can be a rewarding experience, particularly when working with smaller brands. It offers an avenue for professionals to apply their branding expertise in a more flexible setup. However, consulting for larger brands typically requires the kind of commitment and resources associated with a full-time role. As such, aspiring consultants should consider the scale and demands of potential projects in relation to their available time and resources.

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