How To Create A Tagline Or Slogan – The Agency Process

How To Create A Tagline Or Slogan Agency Process

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Introduction – Crafting a Memorable Brand Slogan

What makes a brand slogan stick? In a sea of marketing messages, standing out takes skill. The slogans we remember—think “Just Do It” or “Think Different”—encapsulate a brand’s essence in just a few catchy words.

Creating an effective slogan is an art. Done right, it resonates with your audience and makes a lasting impression. It’s a concise, meaningful phrase that conveys the core of your brand.

In this post, we’ll walk through a proven agency process for crafting a brand slogan. You’ll learn how to:

  • Uncover your target audience and what matters to them
  • Define your brand’s position and difference
  • Expand your vocabulary to find the perfect words
  • Distill your findings into a catchy, concise slogan

Follow this step-by-step methodology and you’ll create a slogan that sticks in your audience’s minds and influences their perceptions. Let’s get started.

Understanding the Difference Between Slogans and Taglines

Slogans and taglines serve related but distinct purposes. It’s key to understand the difference as you craft your brand message.

A slogan accompanies a specific marketing campaign. Its purpose is to make that campaign memorable and persuasive. Slogans are catchy, short-lived phrases tied to a promotional push.

For example, Nike’s famous “Just Do It” slogan launched in 1988 alongside an ad campaign focused on personal achievement. The slogan outlived the original ads and remains iconic over 30 years later.

A tagline, on the other hand, is an enduring brand motto—a pithy encapsulation of a brand’s positioning. Taglines have a longer lifespan than slogans and tie directly back to the brand itself.

Take Apple’s “Think Different” tagline, introduced in 1997. It captured Apple’s brand identity as creative, innovative rule-breakers. Over 20 years later, it still represents the Apple ethos.

The lines between slogans and taglines blur when a successful slogan persists over time. If a slogan manages to outlive its original marketing campaign, it often gets adopted as the brand’s tagline.

That’s what happened with Nike’s “Just Do It”. Born as a slogan, it became so recognizable it turned into Nike’s de facto tagline.

Key Takeaway: Slogans support marketing campaigns; taglines represent the brand itself. The most memorable slogans can evolve into enduring taglines.

As you craft a phrase to encapsulate your brand, first decide whether you need a campaign slogan or an overarching tagline. Then follow a proven creative process to make it stick.

Crafting a Memorable Slogan: The Agency Process

Creating an effective slogan or tagline is strategic work, not a random stroke of genius. Follow this agency-tested process to craft a phrase that sticks.

Step 1: Define Your Target

Who is your slogan meant to resonate with? Get crystal clear on your target audience first.

  • Is your goal mass appeal or speaking directly to a niche?
  • What messaging will your audience find compelling?

Defining your target ensures your slogan lands with the right group.

Step 2: Establish Your Brand Position

Now determine what you want your audience to think and feel about your brand.

  • Do you want to come across as innovative? Approachable? Luxurious?
  • Map out the brand identity you aim to project.

This “positioning” grounds your slogan in what makes your brand unique.

Step 3: Zone in on Your Difference

Why should your audience care about you over competitors? What makes you the “chosen one”?

Your difference is your value-add. It’s what sets you apart. Boil that down and spotlight it in your slogan.

Step 4: Expand Your Word Bank

Next, use creative thinking tools like mind mapping to build a vocabulary around your brand.

  • Brainstorm words and phrases related to your business.
  • Capture synonyms, associations, descriptive adjectives.

Stock your word bank to have linguistic raw material for crafting your slogan.

Step 5: Curate Your Selection

Prune down your expanded word list, keeping only highly relevant words. Quality over quantity here.

Those left? The ingredients for an effective slogan.

Step 6: Prioritize Meaning

As you start arranging words into phrases, what message do you want to lead with?

Emphasize words that communicate what you want audiences to take away – your key value proposition or difference.

Step 7: Tighten It Up

Slogans should be 5 words or less. More than that and they risk being word soup your audience won’t retain.

Economize language without losing punch or meaning.

Step 8: Make It Catchy

Finally, perfect the phonetic flow using rhymes, alliteration and rhythmic words so your slogan rolls off the tongue.

Follow this strategic process to craft a slogan or tagline that resonates with your target audience and makes your brand impossible to ignore.

Expand Your Slogan Vocabulary

Crafting a memorable slogan relies on choosing just the right words. This calls for an expanded vocabulary to pull from.

Use Mind Mapping to Brainstorm Words

Start slogan brainstorming broad. Mind mapping helps here.

  • Jot down any words associated with your brand, products, services.
  • Capture synonyms, descriptive phrases, attributes.

Let ideas flow freely. No bad suggestions during this raw ideation.

Stock Your Word Arsenal

Think of this brainstorm as amassing linguistic weapons, preparing for verbal battle.

Aim for quantity and diversity over quality at this stage. Give yourself options to work with.

The more raw materials the better to craft something iconic.

Refine Your Word Selection

Next, filter down your word map findings, keeping only most relevant gems.

Assess each against criteria like:

  • Encourages desired brand perceptions?
  • Communicates key differences/benefits?
  • Speaks directly to target audience?

Be ruthlessly selective here to elevate slogan quality.

Curate Specialist Vocabulary

Emerging from this process is a refined vocabulary custom to your brand story.

Use this verbal toolkit to craft a slogan or tagline that resonates. With practice, it becomes second nature.

Craft a Memorable Slogan

You’ve expanded your vocabulary arsenal. Time to craft the slogan itself.

Make It Meaningful

Prioritize words that communicate your core brand difference or benefit. What’s the key message you want remembered?

  • Faster shipping?
  • Superior quality?
  • Exceptional service?

This guides slogan word choice to maximize impact.

Concise Communication

Length works against slogans. More words mean more to remember.

Set an upper limit of 5 words. This keeps things tight and retainable.

Anything past that ventures into forgettable territory.

Catchiness Counts

A slogan must roll off the tongue to stick in memory.

Use alliteration, rhyming, rhythm for phonetic appeal. Make it almost musical.

If it’s hard to say, it’ll be hard to remember regardless of meaning.

Craft a Sonic Slogan

Blending meaning, brevity and catchiness takes work but pays off.

The result is a concise sonic soundbite that instantly communicates your difference.

This slogan soundwave resonates in your audience’s minds, repeatedly reaffirming why you’re the chosen one.

Craft an Infectious Slogan Earworm

Creating a catchy slogan infects your audience’s minds. The goal is to make it unforgettable – an earworm that embeds your brand difference into memory.

Prioritize Phonetic Appeal

The slogan must roll off the tongue. Rhyming, alliteration and rhythm are key to stickiness. It should sound almost musical.

If it’s hard to say, it’ll be hard to remember no matter the meaning.

Complementary Word Selection

Choose words that pair well together phonetically. The sound combination should flow and feel cohesive. Mismatched words jar the listening experience.

You want the slogan to sound tight – a unified sonic phrase.

Infect Their Mindspace

Do this right and you’ve crafted an infectious earworm slogan. It burrows into your audience’s minds, repeatedly reaffirming your brand’s difference.

The slogan soundwave keeps resonating, solidifying you as the standout choice.

Craft an Effective Slogan: The Final Molding

Understand Your Audience

An iconic slogan resonates with a clearly defined target. Their desires and worldview shape your linguistic choices.

Speak their language. Echo their values back through concise phrasing.

Encapsulate Your Brand Essence

Distill what your brand uniquely provides. The slogan must transmit this quickly and crisply to register effectively.

Boil down your difference to an ultra-concentrated form.

Convey Your Message

This pithy sonic capsule rockets your brand message into your audience’s minds. The words, rhyme and rhythm combine to ensure recall and repetition.

The slogan soundwave keeps replaying internally, solidifying your difference.

It’s More Than Catchy

A slogan has immense influence potential. Crafted correctly, it becomes an infectious earworm that’s impossible to dislodge from memory.

It should worm its way into your audience’s minds, burrowing deep inside to resonate for decades.

Ready to Transform Your Brand?

As your dedicated brand consultant, let’s start creating your dream brand and website today.

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